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Experience is great, but combined with professional training is even better. Leib has experience and is a certified Executive Coach. Always motivated to help others with maximizing their true potential, Leib started this journey when he was looking for a coach in a niche area, but couldn’t find the right coach, that’s when he knew there was another opportunity to help others and became an Executive Coach. It takes an unbiased yet knowledgeable and understanding professional outsider to either help work through situations be it personal or professional or, be there to help maximize your potential and productivity within your appointed roles.

 With Leib’s experience and success in both for-profit and the non-profit sector as a founder of business, head of a non-profit and having served in multiple board positions, he understands the challenges be it short-term or, seemingly engrained in the system. Most importantly, he will guide you, teach you and make yourself aware that you yourself has the solution to these challenges.



The necessity is known yet the options are limited.

Coaching is for the individual that seeks professional outside guidance pertaining to either professional or personal life. Our lives can be complex, but knowing that a coach that is there for you and with you, will prove to be beyond beneficial and eye opening.

 Even when things are running smoothly, blind spots are less obvious when things are going well. It is very easy for one to become almost strictly inward looking, especially when they have been very successful. But these blind spots can become devastating when performance moves in the other direction. Having a good, neutral third party as your coach will minimize and assist in these areas.


Being an executive of a can be challenging at times and yes, sometimes lonely. Having an outside sounding board to address your ideas and decisions before being implemented will increase your successes. In your position, you are bound to face challenges either institutionally or personally, Leib will help you navigate through those phases as needed.

The importance of your personal communication with others in your organization or with other Board members are paramount to success. Communication challenges can significantly impair the goals and accomplishments of any organization, Leib will help you and the rest of the leadership reach a place of healthy communication enabling maximum success.


With the Board being an integral role to an organization, communication, moral and the ability to execute is of utmost importance which ultimately can determine the future of your organization. Leib can provide workshops to enhance and strengthen the productivity of the board and maximize communication within and outside the board room.

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