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About – Consulting

Leib is forward thinking when it comes to all things relating to growth and potential. With a successful record where he doubled membership leading a non-profit to founding several businesses, it was not without its challenges. Leib understands the increasing trends of financial, membership and leadership challenges that institutions are faced with today. Leib can help your organization reach its potential through his innovative and analytical approaches in strategic planning, comprehensive assessments and disciplined implementation.

Leib holds an M.B.A. – has served on numerous boards and, understands the dynamics and complexities of businesses and organizations.


If you are looking for someone who thrives on letting your specified target market about you and/or your product, – you are in the right place! Marketing is a combination of art and science. It can be the component that makes or breaks a business.  Without calculated and targeted marketing, the odds are stacked against you. Schedule a time below to connect and learn how you can execute a great marketing plan.

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“Growth” is the word that gets us excited. We all want to grow, be it seeing our business grow, our own personal growth or the value of stock. It takes dedication, strategy and hard work to accomplish and succeed in actualizing the six letter word – GROWTH. Let me help you actualize it!


With the Board being an integral role to an organization, communication, moral and the ability to execute is of utmost importance which ultimately can determine the future of your organization. Leib can provide workshops to enhance and strengthen the productivity of the board and maximize communication within and outside the board room.

Additional Focuses:

• Leadership Development

• Communication

• Understanding out of the box approaches and mentality

• Overall Strategy

• Understanding your Mission

• Art of delegating

• Innovating your Business

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